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Would You Rather Questions For Kids

You probably have played this game once or twice. You may have been on the bus ride to a 5th-grade field trip, college, or even as an adult sitting around a winter fire with friends. You might know the game by the name This or That too. It is an entertaining game that can easily pass the time or be used as a great conversation starter. But, if you can believe it, Would You Rather has some excellent educational benefits for preschool kiddos, and they ABSOLUTELY love the game! 

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Here are three reasons why preschoolers love the game Would You Rather and why you should implement it into your classroom ASAP!

How Do You Play Would You Rather?

The rules of Would You Rather are pretty simple. The teacher offers two different choices, and the students must pick which option they prefer more. Students can not answer “both” or “neither.” They must commit to one of the two choices and elaborate on why they chose it. 

You may decide to include funny would you rather questions for kids, or you may choose to use the Would You Rather game to learn more about students’ families, interests, and likes/dislikes. It is all up to you. That is the best thing about this or that questions for kids. You can take it in many different directions. 

List of Would You Rather Questions For Your Classroom

Here’s an example list of would you rather questions for students: 

Would you rather…

  • Live in a treehouse or castle?
  • Play video games or watch television?
  • Visit an amusement park or a skate park?
  • Ride in a hot air balloon or a roller coaster?
  • Drink sour milk or pickle juice?
  • Become a famous singer or famous actor?
  • Be able to read minds or walk through walls?

3 Reasons Why Preschoolers Love Would You Rather Questions

Here are three reasons why preschoolers love the game Would You Rather and why you should implement it into your classroom ASAP! 

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Would you rather questions are not only super fun and easy to play, they help our preschoolers develop their critical thinking skills and communication skills.

Reason 1: You Can Play it Anywhere

Would You Rather can be played anywhere, and you can easily come up with many different would you rather questions for kids. This game can be played at home, in the car on a road trip, during a birthday party, or at any holiday gathering. 

School is one of my favorite places to play the game, and little learners love to add it into their school day as well! It’s easy to use these questions during the first day– it allows for some great conversation starters when preschoolers are often very nervous and shy around their new classmates and me. 

Once the school year gets rolling, you can use them during morning meetings, circle time, check-in questions, or even a take-home assignment. 

Morning Meetings

Post a would you rather question each morning and have students turn and talk about their decision.

Circle Time

Practice decision-making skills during circle time and discuss how each of their decisions may be different, but that’s ok! 

Check-In Questions

Post a would you rather question on a piece of chart paper and use it as a check-in space during the morning. Students move their names to show which side they are on. 

Take-home Assignment

Have students take a question home and discuss it with their family over dinner or in the car on the way to soccer practice. It is a great way to get parents, siblings, grandparents, and really anyone involved! 

Don’t forget to read my blog post about The Benefits of Would You Rather Questions in the Classroom, where I go a little deeper about how to use would you rather questions in all of the scenarios above! 

Reason 2:  Any Age, Any Interest Area, Any Amount of Children

The best thing about this game is that you can literally play it with any age, topic, and number of students. It can be a two-person game, or you can play with the whole class. More opinions, more fun! 
If you decide to play with younger children (like preschoolers), keep the questions on the simpler side. Would you rather eat ice cream or a candy bar? If the younger learners can’t articulate why they chose their answer, that’s ok! They are just starting to think about preferences, taking a stand, and choosing a side. The more you play it, the more they will get the hang of it and be better at articulating their opinions!

When playing with older children, make the questions a little more complex, and get them thinking about their answers and why they chose them. For example, would you rather be able to end world hunger or homelessness? 

Would You Rather Questions for kids can also be based on a holiday or season. You can create Christmas or Halloween questions and get students thinking about the holidays. The game will keep kids busy those last couple of days before the major “fun” holidays! 

Reason 3: Preschoolers’ Opinion Matters

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Would You Rather Questions are great for developing critical thinking skills.

Everyone wants to be heard, especially our preschoolers! Their opinions NEED to be shared with everyone, and they love putting their hand up at group times and sharing their thoughts. At this age, they are formulating their thoughts based on the question and so often we get random ideas shared during group time!

Are you looking for some fun FALL Would You Rather Questions that will engage your young learners? Check this out!

Would You Rather Questions develop our student’s critical thinking skills. It helps them learn to articulate their thoughts, to form and give reasons for their opinions.

It also helps develops their listening skills. They need to be actively listening to others’ answers to be able to discuss their opinion and whether they feel the same or different than the other person. 

These are all valuable skills they can gain from playing a simple game!

Would You Rather Questions For Kids

Your preschool students will love playing Would You Rather, and you will quickly see the benefits of the game and why preschoolers enjoy it so much! Remember, the questions can be funny, educational, or just thought-provoking. Each kiddo will be using thinking, listening, and other skills to answer each question and respond to their classmates!

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