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Hi! Welcome to Spark Interest with Sara!

I am a preschool teacher, a curriculum designer, a course creator and a mum to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes! 

Creating and sharing inspiring educational resources and courses for teachers and parents is my passion! I wake up every day excited to be able to be part of nurturing young minds and hearts! 



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12 Cool Kindness Books For Preschool and Other Kindness Activities for Kids

Phrases like “Kindness is cool”, “ Random acts of kindness” and “Kindness counts” have all become popular phrases in our preschool classrooms. Studies on kindness show that there are many physical, emotional and mental health benefits when it comes to kindness. That is why, creating a culture of kindness in my classroom is a goal…


9 Fun World Kindness Day Activities for Your Preschool Classroom

I’m always looking for ways to build a culture of kindness in my preschool classroom. This year, I found World Kindness Day. Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t! Well, if you are like me and have been oblivious to this day, let me give you some basic facts about World Kindness…

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9 Simple but Effective Kindness Activities For Kids

Do you consciously teach kindness in your preschool classroom? How much importance do you place on teaching kindness? What are your go to kindness activities for kids? I believe that we need to be purposeful and teach kindness in preschool as it helps develop a culture of kindness in the classroom. By focusing on kindness,…

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The 6 Important Benefits of Positive Affirmations For Preschoolers

Ever thought of bringing positive affirmations into your preschool classroom? I’m sure you’ve seen the swanky classroom affirmation mirrors on Instagram and thought they looked cute; but have you ever wondered why are teachers including positive affirmations in their classrooms?  Students need to know that self-talk is a very positive part of self-regulation, and even…

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8 Simply Fun First Day Of School Activities For Your Preschool Classroom

OH MY GOODNESS! Is it really already back to school time??? Trying to figure out what to do during those first few days of school seems to always be the most challenging. Do you read aloud a bunch of books? Have some community-building activities? Maybe a couple of coloring sheets? All of the above?  The…

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10 of the Best Back to School Books for Preschoolers

Back to school season is such a super exciting and fun time for children of all ages. It may be their 10th time heading back to school, or it may be their 1st. Either way, you can use many great books in the classroom to invite reflection and conversation around the feelings that may arise…

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9 Important Class Mottos for the Start of the Preschool Year

Have you ever used class mottos with your preschoolers? Even though it is mid-year here in Australia, I’ve been wrecking my brain thinking about ways to develop a greater sense of community in my preschool classroom and decided to make some class mottos for my classroom.  What if at the beginning of the school year…