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Hi! Welcome to Spark Interest with Sara!

I am a preschool teacher, a curriculum designer, a course creator and a mum to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes! 

Creating and sharing inspiring educational resources and courses for teachers and parents is my passion! I wake up every day excited to be able to be part of nurturing young minds and hearts! 



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Tips For a Preschool Teacher: 12 Awesome Friendship Building Activities

Our preschoolers are bursting to connect with each other! They want to make friends but sometimes find it challenging to connect in a positive way. So with this in mind, I’ve gathered some of my favorite friendship building activities I have used in my classroom that have helped my students develop those friendship skills in…

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Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships: A Guide for Preschool Teachers

I was sitting in front of my son’s classroom teacher last week and as I sat there, I realized pretty quickly that I probably wouldn’t have needed to write that strong email and we probably wouldn’t have needed to organize that meeting if we had developed a deeper parent-teacher relationship. It was clear in that…

Image for 10 Awesome Picture Books About Teamwork that Inspire Collaboration

10 Awesome Picture Books About Teamwork that Inspire Collaboration

Teamwork is a cornerstone of early childhood education. It is such an invaluable skill to teach our preschoolers but not always an easy concept to present. From my experience, there are many ways to help preschoolers learn what teamwork is and how it works and I’ve used teamwork games, lessons, and different activities to help…

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10 Essential Items for a Calming Corner for Your Preschool Classroom

In the bustling world of preschool, we all know emotions can run high! In those moments, our young learners might need some support in regulating their emotions and that’s where a calming corner comes in.  This special space provides a haven for children to regulate their emotions, allowing them to pause, reflect, and return to…