Online Courses for Teachers and Parents:

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FREE 7- Day Challenge: Reflect, Refocus, Refuel


This FREE 7-day challenge designed to help people live with more awareness and purpose.

With reflective prompts and simple exercises, you will finish the 7 days feeling more connected to yourself, what you really want, and know how to get there.

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Supporting Your Child’s Transition to School


How can you best support your child’s transition to school?

Created by an experienced Early Childhood Educator, this self-paced online course will give you simple and effective ways to support your child in developing their:

* Self Help Skills and Independence
* Social-Emotional Skills
* Fine and Gross Motors Skills
* Literacy and Numeracy Skills

You will discover how to identify and set objectives for your child.

You will gain the knowledge you need to enhance what you already do to make it more purposeful!


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Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Early Childhood


Philosophy is a great tool to stimulate thinking skills in children. Through this course, you will discover ways to develop children’s critical thinking and creative thinking skills by using games, activities, and picture books in the classroom to stimulate discussions.
This is a Self Paced Learning Course.


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Avoiding Teacher Burnout


Are you a teacher looking to avoid teacher burnout? Have you seen so many of your fellow teachers burn out and leave the profession? Many new and experienced educators face burnout some time in their career. This is a sad fact.
So what is it and how can we avoid it?
This course will explore burnout, the effects it has on educator well-being and provide practical tools to live a more aligned and fulfilling life as an educator.