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Would you rather questions aren’t just fun dinner conversation starters for us grown-ups, they can also add some fun and often unexpected conversations in your preschool classroom! There are so many different types of Would You Rather Questions, from seasonal to starting school questions that can have the potential to add so much to your preschool day. 

Before I jump into sharing the 100+ Would You Rather Questions for preschoolers I’ve collected, I just wanted to share with you a fun free activity I created especially for preschoolers … Kindness Bingo. This Kindness Bingo activity highlights acts of kindness they may see or experience in their daily lives. It’ll be a great addition to your Unit on Kindness. Click on the image to download it.

What Are Would You Rather Questions?

If you haven’t played this before, Would You Rather Questions are a type of question where we need to decide between two choices and figure out which one we would like better. Would You Rather Questions are a great way to help students practice decision-making skills in a fun and creative way. Using preschool would you rather questions is a great way to get preschoolers excited and inspired to share their thoughts and opinions on different topics.

How to Use Would You Rather Questions in the Classroom

There are so many great ways to use would you rather questions. I have found a ton of different ways to bring would you rather questions into your classroom

Some of my favorite ways are:

  • Morning Circle– Each day of the week, display a different would you rather question for your students to think about and discuss with their friends. 
  • Class Sign-in- Display the question over a pocket chart and have the students move their names to one side of the chart or the other side, depending on their answer. 
  • Connection to Family Activity- Send one home on Fridays for families to discuss over the weekend. You could also give families a little cheat sheet that gives them extension question ideas to keep the conversation going and their little ones thinking. Then 
  • Would you Rather Book-  Create a book to go home full of would you rather questions
  • Opinion-based Discussions- If you are starting argumentative writing in your classroom, using would you rather questions allows students to see how their opinions can differ from their classmates.
  • Writing Prompt- Older students could use would you rather questions as writing prompts. They can get your students to practice making a claim and supporting that call with reasons. 
  • Transition Time – Use them as a quick transition time game where students can move to show their preferences. For example, stand if you prefer dogs and sit if you prefer cats.

There are many other places you could add in would you rather questions. They are so exciting and entertaining for preschoolers that they will ask for more and more questions!

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Your preschool students are going to love these 100+ questions would you rather questions!

100+ Preschool Would You Rather Questions List

It can be challenging to come up with enough would rather questions to last the whole year, so that’s why I created this comprehensive list for you. Over 100 preschool would you rather questions that your students will absolutely love!

Back to School/Getting to Know You Questions

Perfect for the beginning of the year, a great way for you to get to know each of your students. You’ll find these would you rather questions a great way to get your students interacting with not only you but their peers during those first couple of days.

  • Would you rather play outside or play inside? 
  • Would you rather sit in a chair or on the floor?
  • Would you rather write or read?
  • Would you rather ride the bus or ride in the car?
  • Would you rather buy lunch or bring your lunch?
  • Would you rather take a nap or stay up and play?
  • Would you rather learn about numbers or letters? 
  • Would you rather write with a pencil or pen?
  • Would you rather have two art classes or two music classes?
  • Would you rather visit the zoo or aquarium on a school field trip?
  • Would you rather wear stripes every single day or polka dots?
  • Would you rather color with markers or colored pencils?

Funny Questions

If you need a laugh, then these questions may be the perfect preschool would you rather questions for you! Get your students laughing out loud and learning a lot about each other’s decision-making and opinion skills!

  • Would you rather live in a house full of cheese or chocolate?
  • Would you rather never eat dessert or never sleep?
  • Would you rather ride a flying bus or ride a unicorn?
  • Would you rather have a monkey’s tail or an elephant’s trunk?
  • Would you rather live in a house made of trampolines or foam pits?
  • Would you rather sing like a chicken or waddle like a penguin?
  • Would you rather be as quiet as a mouse or as loud as a lion?
  • Would you rather have purple skin or a blue tongue?
  • Would you rather not be able to taste anything or feel anything?
  • Would you rather fly to the moon or be invisible?
  • Would you rather splash in puddles or mud?
  • Would you rather run like a cheetah or slither like a snake?
  • Would you rather smell like a skunk or have stinky feet?
  • Would you rather have a tail or a horn?

Halloween Questions

Halloween is always a crazy day in any classroom. Use the craziness as an opportunity to help your students build their decision-making and opinion skills with these fun Halloween would you rather questions.

  • Would you rather trick-or-treat in your neighborhood or a new neighborhood?
  • Would you rather go trick-or-treating or hand out candy?
  • Would you rather have every day be Halloween or never have Halloween?
  • Would you rather dress up as something scary or something silly?
  • Would you rather carve a pumpkin or bob for apples?
  • Would you rather have a monster in your closet or a ghost under your bed?
  • Would you rather see a trick or get a treat?
  • Would you rather meet a vampire or meet a werewolf?
  • Would you rather walk through a haunted house or run through a graveyard at midnight?
  • Would you rather trick-or-treat with your friends or trick-or-treat with your family?
  • Would you rather be able to see ghosts or walk through walls?
  • Would you rather wear a store-bought costume or a homemade costume?
  • Would you rather be scared or scare someone else?

Holiday Would You Rather Questions

Preschoolers love to talk about Thanksgiving dinner, presents, Christmas lights, and more when it becomes the holiday season. Use this opportunity to add in some holiday-themed would you rather questions. 

Image of Christmas would you rather question booklet
Create a Would You Rather Christmas Booklet for your students to color-in and take home.
  • Would you rather never listen to holiday music again or have to listen for the rest of your life? 
  • Would you rather have to wear a Santa costume to school or an elf costume?
  • Would you rather only be able to eat latke or never eat latke again?
  • Would you rather win a gingerbread house-building contest or win a cookie-baking contest?
  • Would you rather have to sing Jingle Bells non-stop for 24 hours or not celebrate Hanukkah/Christmas this year?
  • Would you rather get a useful gift or a fun gift?
  • Would you rather have to eat a whole turkey in one sitting or never be able to eat turkey again?
  • Would you rather get the best gift you ever received again or get a new gift every day?
  • Would you rather eat Thanksgiving food every day or never again?

Valentine’s Day Questions

The holiday of love and a great time to have a little fun with your little kiddos. Before handing out valentines or enjoying a pink or red snack, include some would you rather questions! 

  • Would you rather swim like a mermaid or fly like a unicorn?
  • Would you rather have bright red hair for Valentine’s day or green for St. Patrick’s day?
  • Would you rather hand out candy bracelets to every mall shopper for a week or eat 10 hotdogs in a row?
  • Would you rather go on a heart hunt or an egg hunt?
  • Would you rather the sky be pink with black polka dots or blue with no clouds?
  • Would you rather be as small as a mouse or as big as a dinosaur?
  • Would you rather go to Disney World or Space?
  • Would you rather go camping or stay in a hotel?
  • Would you rather write 100 Valentine’s day cards or go without TV for a month?
  • Would you rather be Cupid or the Easter bunny?
  • Would you rather get a giant bear for Valentine’s day or a huge candy basket?
  • Would you rather have a squirt gun or a marshmallow gunfight?
  • Would you rather it be Valentine’s Day or Halloween?
  • Would you rather have a silly string fight or a glow in the dark party?

Saint Patrick’s Questions

A day full of green, leprechaun tricks, and some luck will make these wacky would you rather questions some of your student’s favorites! 

Image of Saint Patrick's Day would you rather questions
Get your students sharing their thoughts using these ST PATRICK’S DAY Would You Rather Questions!
  • Would you rather slide down a rainbow or swim in a pot of gold?
  • Would you rather dance with a leprechaun or dress like a leprechaun?
  • Would you rather have green skin or sparkly gold skin?
  • Would you rather find a 4 leaf clover or be given a lucky charm?
  • Would you rather have 1 wish granted or give 3 wishes to your best friend?
  • Would you rather be as small as a leprechaun or as quick as a leprechaun?
  • Would you rather only see in green or only eat green foods?
  • Would you rather get a pot of gold or give a pot of gold?
  • Would you rather find a leprechaun or find a 4 leaf clover?

Four Seasons Would You Rather Questions for Preschoolers

Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall all have special aspects, and there are so many ways you can incorporate the seasons into would you rather questions for your students. 

Fall Questions

  • Would you rather eat a caramel apple or a candy apple?
  • Would you rather get lost in a corn maze or go on a hayride?
  • Would you rather live in an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch for a week?
  • Would you rather wear a cozy sweater or a comfy hoodie?
  • Would you rather have a pumpkin hat or pumpkins for shoes?
  • Would you rather make friends with a deer or make friends with an owl?
  • Would you rather have a corn cob nose or sunflowers for ears?
  • Would you rather collect pinecones or acorns?
Image fore fall would you rather questions for preschoolers
Use Would You Rather Questions as a check-in question for your students.

Winter Questions

  • Would you rather live in an igloo for a month or live in a gingerbread house for a month?
  • Would you rather build one giant snowman or make ten snow angels?
  • Would you rather wear a swimsuit all winter long or wear a snowsuit all summer long?
  • Would you rather take a long ride in a dogsled or in a bobsled?
  • Would you rather go snowshoeing up a mountain or go snowmobiling down a mountain?
  • Would you rather wear a purple polka-dot snowsuit or wear a yellow-striped snowsuit?
  • Would you rather roast marshmallows on a campfire or in a fireplace?
  • Would you rather live inside a giant snow globe or live in an igloo?
  • Would you rather jump in a mound of snow or jump in a puddle of mud?
  • Would you rather always wear gloves or always wear mittens?
Image of easter would you rather questions
Add to your Easter Fun with these Easter Would You Rather Questions

Spring Questions

  • Would you rather have flowers for fingers or flowers for toes?
  • Would you rather dig for worms in a garden or swim with tadpoles in a pond?
  • Would you rather jump in a puddle of water or jump in a puddle of mud?
  • Would you rather be friends with a talking bunny or be friends with a talking bluebird?
  • Would you rather live life as a bumblebee or live life as a cricket?
  • Would you rather plant flowers in your garden or plant trees in your yard?
  • Would you rather fly a kite or fly a plane?
  • Would you rather give flowers to a friend or get flowers from a friend?
  • Would you rather dance in the rain or roll down a grassy hill?
  • Would you rather have frog legs or a squirrel tail?
  • Would you rather raise baby chicks or baby bunnies?
Image for spring would you rather questions for preschoolers.
If you are looking to add would you rather questions for preschoolers into your day, why not make a Spring would you rather book with your students.

Summer Questions

  • Would you rather float in the pool on a giant unicorn or a giant dragon?
  • Would you rather watch the clouds during the day or see the stars at night?
  • Would you rather always have to wear a snorkel on your face or flippers on your feet?
  • Would you rather ride a rollercoaster or a waterslide?
  • Would you rather walk barefoot on grass or walk barefoot in the sand?
  • Would you rather surf the waves or read a book?
  • Would you rather have seashells for ears or a starfish for a nose?
  • Would you rather eat only hamburgers all summer or only watermelon all summer?
  • Would you rather get stung by a bee or bitten by a mosquito?
  • Would you rather participate in a water balloon fight or get invited to a piñata party?
  • Would you rather have a bouncy castle in your backyard or a movie theater?
  • Would you rather go to the mountains for the summer or go to the beach?
  • Would you rather eat ice cream every day or s’mores every night?
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Preschool Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions are a perfect tool to help our preschoolers develop the ability to think through options, to share their thoughts, to pick a side, to listen to others, to understand that others may think differently and that’s okay. All these skills are wrapped up in a perfect bundle of fun. So go on … why not give them a try!

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