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Preschool is a crucial time for young children to develop self-confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset. As teachers, we have the power to shape their outlook on themselves and the world around them. One powerful tool we can use is positive affirmations. 

I began seeing the benefits of incorporating positive affirmations into my homelife when my son was a preschooler. Having severe Developmental Coordination Disorder growing up, he had to work harder and persevere longer to develop many skills children his age took for granted. I knew that developing a positive growth mindset would be key to helping him see his challenges as opportunities for growth and would carry him through many future challenges.

I started by placing positive affirmations around the bathroom mirror. While he brushed his teeth in the mornings, we would read out the affirmations together. We also read and spent time discussing many picture books about developing a growth mindset. 

Just by adding positive affirmations into our day, I was able to see my son develop a positive growth mindset, resilience and develop a healthy image of himself, which he continues to lean into today.

Before I dive a little deeper into positive affirmations and why they are so very necessary in your preschool classroom, I want to make sure you have grabbed my free Kindness Bingo Cards. They are so much fun for your preschoolers and an excellent way to review what kindness looks like and how we can show kindness to others. 

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are short, powerful statements that are repeated to oneself in order to promote positive thinking and self-belief. They are simple yet impactful tools that help children develop a positive mindset and build confidence.

How do Positive Affirmations Help Kids?

Positive affirmations have numerous benefits for children and can impact children’s well-being and development. Here are several ways in which positive affirmations help kids:

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1.Building Self-Confidence

Positive affirmations reinforce a child’s belief in their abilities and strengths. By repeating affirmations such as “I am capable” or “I am smart,” children develop a positive self-image and gain the confidence to tackle challenges.

2.A Growth Mindset

Affirmations encourage a growth mindset, believing their abilities can be developed through dedication and effort. By using affirmations like “I can learn from my mistakes” or “I embrace challenges,” children understand that their abilities can improve with practice and persistence. Add in a couple of growth mindset read alouds and you’ve got yourself a great growth mindset unit! 

3.Positive Self-Talk

Affirmations teach children to replace negative self-talk with positive and empowering thoughts. By internalizing statements like “I am kind” or “I believe in myself,” children develop a positive inner dialogue that supports their emotional well-being.


Affirmations help children develop resilience by reminding them of their inner strength and ability to overcome obstacles. By repeating affirmations such as “I am resilient” or “I can handle difficult situations,” children build resilience and become more resilient when faced with setbacks.

5.Enhancing Emotional Regulation

Positive affirmations can help children manage and regulate their emotions. By using affirmations like “I am calm” or “I can handle my feelings,” children learn to center themselves and find emotional balance during challenging or stressful moments.

6.Positive Mindset 

Affirmations create a positive mindset by shifting children’s focus to their strengths, accomplishments, and positive qualities. This mindset fosters optimism, gratitude, and a sense of possibility, enabling children to approach learning and life with positivity and enthusiasm.

7.Healthy Self-Image

Positive affirmations support the development of a healthy self-image and self-acceptance. By repeating affirmations like “I am unique and special” or “I love and accept myself,” children learn to appreciate and celebrate their individuality, fostering a positive self-image.

By incorporating affirmations into their daily lives, children can experience the transformative power of positive thinking and self-belief, paving the way for personal growth and success.

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50 Positive Affirmations For The Preschool Classroom

Struggling to come up with positive affirmations to use on your affirmation station, during your morning meeting, or to hang around your classroom? Here are 50 positive affirmations that are easy for students to remember and are the perfect addition to any classroom! 

Positive Affirmations for Kids at School:

– I am capable of learning new things.

– I can try my best and make mistakes.

– I am a good friend to others.

– I am kind and helpful.

– I have unique talents and abilities.

– I am a good listener and follow directions.

– I am creative and enjoy exploring new ideas.

– I am proud of my accomplishments, big and small.

– I can solve problems and find solutions.

– I am curious and love to learn new things every day.

Positive Affirmations to Encourage a Growth Mindset:

– I embrace challenges and learn from them.

Growth Mindset Affirmations for your classroom

– I can improve with practice and effort.

– Mistakes help me grow and learn.

– I am resilient and can overcome obstacles.

– I believe in my ability to succeed.

– I take feedback and use it to improve.

– I believe in my ability to learn and grow.

– I am resilient and bounce back from challenges.

– I can face problems with a positive attitude.

– I am willing to try new strategies.

Positive Affirmations to Calm Ourselves Down:

– I am safe and loved.

– I can take deep breaths and relax.

– I have the power to calm my mind.

– I choose to let go of worries.

– I can find peace within myself, even in difficult times.

– I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

– I choose kindness and understanding towards others and myself.

– I breathe in relaxation and exhale stress.

– I have the power to create a calm and peaceful environment.

– I am in control of my emotions.

Positive Affirmations for the Morning:

– Today is going to be a great day!

Preschool Affirmation BUNDLE

– I am ready to learn and have fun.

– I have the power to make a positive impact.

– I am excited to see my friends and teachers.

– I am grateful for this new day and all the opportunities it brings.

– Today is a fresh start filled with endless possibilities.

– I am excited to learn and discover new things today.

– I approach challenges with confidence and determination.

– I am surrounded by love and support from my family and friends.

– I have the courage to make a positive impact on the world.

Positive Affirmations for the Afternoon:

– I am proud of the things I accomplished today.

– I had a great day of learning and fun.

– I am ready to go home and share my experiences with my family.

– I am grateful for the friends I made today.

– I am excited to see my family and tell them about my day.

– I am responsible and know how to take care of my belongings.

– I am a helpful and kind friend to others.

– I am looking forward to resting and recharging for tomorrow.

– I had a positive impact on my classroom and made a difference today.

– I am proud of myself and the progress I have made.

Bringing Positive Affirmations into Your Preschool Classroom

Incorporating positive affirmations into your daily classroom routine, will allow you the opportunity to create a nurturing and empowering environment where children develop confidence, a growth mindset, and a the belief that they can do hard things. Even though you may not realize it, there are a ton of different ways you can include positive affirmations into your day! 

Image for preschool Affirmation mirror
Looking to inspire positivity in your preschool classroom? Use these ready to use positive affirmations for preschoolers! Beautifully illustrated with a child friendly font, these positive affirmations for preschoolers will encourage lots of positive self-talk in your classroom affirmation station!

Sing Affirmation Songs

Introduce songs that incorporate positive affirmations into your daily routine. Singing them together can create a joyful and uplifting atmosphere. Some popular examples are “I Am Amazing,” “I Believe in Me,” and “I Can Do It.” I also really enjoy this great song from Snoop Dog  and 33 Positive affirmations!

Create an Affirmation Station

Set up a dedicated area in your classroom where children can explore and engage with positive affirmations. Include colorful posters, affirmation cards, and mirrors for self-reflection. Encourage students to choose and repeat affirmations that resonate with them. You could even have your affirmation station focus on having a growth mindset.

Daily Affirmations in Morning Meetings

During your morning meeting, introduce a daily affirmation or growth mindset affirmation. Discuss its meaning and encourage children to share how they can apply it throughout the day. This sets a positive tone and prepares them for a successful day of learning.

Read Books

Reading books that incorporate positive affirmations can be a powerful and enjoyable way to introduce children to the world of self-belief and empowerment. These books provide uplifting messages and relatable characters that inspire young readers to develop a positive mindset. Some of my favorites are The Magic of Me, Confidence is my Superpower, and almost any growth mindset book available!

Image of positive affirmation cards
Looking for a fun way to bring a more positive mindset to your preschool, pre-k or kindergarten classroom? Build self-worth, positivity and confidence with these positive affirmation cards made especially with young learners in mind!

Use Affirmation Cards in Various Ways

Utilize affirmation cards as versatile tools in your classroom. You can have students select an affirmation card to place on their desk for the day or for the week. You could incorporate positive affirmations into arts and crafts activities like creating affirmation bracelets or making your own affirmations book. 

Another fun idea is handing out ‘You are…” affirmations to your students as a positivity note or mini compliment card. They will love receiving those hits of positivity from you!

Cover image for positive affirmations coloring pages
These positive affirmations coloring pages are exactly what you need! Made with the young learner in mind, these positive affirmations will be a great addition to your classroom and inspire lots of positive self talk!

Positive affirmations have the power to transform preschool classrooms into nurturing and empowering environments. By incorporating them into our daily routines and interactions, we can help children develop self-confidence, resilience, and a growth mindset. Whether through singing affirmation songs, setting up an affirmation station, or using affirmation cards creatively, let us make positive affirmations an integral part of our teaching practice. Together, we can inspire our little learners to believe  in themselves and unlock their full potential.

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