What is Kindness and How do You Really Teach Kindness to Preschoolers?

Cover of blog post what is kindness and how do you teach kindness to preschoolers

I am going to talk about the age-old questions we probably all ask in our classroom every year during those first few days, “What is kindness?” Yes, that one simple word “kindness” stems into so many other words and can often lead to hours of discussion, activities, and more.  We as teachers try to create…

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8 Ways to Help Identify and Manage Feelings For Preschoolers

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Our preschoolers have a lot of feelings and they are normally pretty BIG feelings, don’t you agree? Often, they find it difficult to identify feelings and understand how to process, manage, and work through them. So it all comes out as one big emotion! When kids learn to manage their emotions in childhood it leads…

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12 of the Best Picture Books You Need for Thanksgiving

Cover image for blog post 12 Best Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Can you smell that pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg? Thanksgiving is in the air! It’s time to fill your classroom shelves with the best picture books for Thanksgiving! Let’s bring the spirit of gratitude into our day with these great Thanksgiving books! 12 of the Best Picture Books You Need for Thanksgivng: Feeling Thankful by…

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5 Effective Preschool Conflict Resolution Activities That Absolutely Work

Photo of a blog post discusses ways to teach preschoolers conflict resolution skills.

Are you looking for preschool conflict resolution activities that you can implement today? Do you find your preschoolers having trouble resolving conflict, arguing all the time, and constantly coming up to you upset?  Our young learners are learning so many life lessons in their preschool rooms, and conflict resolution can be a difficult skill to…

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How to Build Relationships with Students in Preschool from Day One?

Blog post cover image about how to build relationships with students in preschool from day 1

As an educator, do you wonder how to build relationships with students from day one? Do you ever wonder, why build relationships with students? Or more importantly, do you struggle with how to connect with students in the classroom?  If that sounds like you, I’m here to help. I’m going to share with you some…

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