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As a busy preschool teacher, I am always looking for ways to integrate social emotional learning into my preschool program to make it as seamless and easy as possible. We all don’t need to feel like we have one more thing to add to an already overwhelming day (Put your hand up if you are with me🙋🏻‍♀️).

Incorporating kindness holidays into your preschool program is a super easy way to build that culture of kindness we all want in our classrooms.

Why only celebrate kindness one day a year with your class? There are so many amazing kindness holidays out there that our little learners can learn from and celebrate. Just think of all the great kindness activities you could do on Earth Day, Make a Difference Day, and Random Acts of Kindness Day! These kindness holidays allow us to expand the concept of kindness for our preschoolers by showing them that kindness means so much more than being kind to our friends and family. 

Before I jump into my list of favorite kindness holidays to celebrate in the preschool classroom, I wanted to make sure you have my FREE guide to Sprinkling Social Emotional Learning into Your Classroom Everyday!

Kindness Holidays Throughout The Year

If you are looking to immerse your preschoolers in the world of kindness. These kindness holidays are the perfect way to show them how kindness may be celebrated on World Kindness Day, but is also celebrated through other holidays and events as well. Here are a couple of monthly holidays to help you keep kindness alive all year. 

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Start the New Year off right and start celebrating kindness and the perfect way to kick off the calendar of kindness holidays.

Martin Luther King Junior Day

In the United States, Martin Luther King Junior Day is always celebrated on the 3rd Monday of the month. It is a day to celebrate the civil rights movement that happened in the United States and the man who put many parts of the movement in motion. Although, preschoolers are a little young to understand all of this. Consider discussing empathy and including activities centered around what it means to show empathy to others.

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Looking for preschool empathy activities that will get your children talking about what empathy means and how to show empathy? Check out these empathy activities for preschoolers.


The month of love and the perfect month to help your students learn more about random acts of kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness Week

This week always starts on the 2nd Sunday and lasts until the 3rd Sunday of the month. This week encourages everyone to perform random acts of kindness. Whether it is paying for a car’s Starbucks order behind you or having your students leave surprise notes for their principal. Discuss how kindness does not always have to be planned and can be random if the moment feels right. 


If you are looking for a month packed full of kindness days, March is one of the best. Plus, most schools do not have any days off in March, making it a perfect month to plan some fun and kind activities. 

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Day/International Day of Happiness

Many of us grew up watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, and many children today are growing up watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, an animated series based on the teachings and characters from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This day is celebrated on March 20th, Fred Roger’s birthday, and is a great chance to get your preschoolers doing nice things for their neighbors. Whether they help an elderly neighbor bring up their trash cans or if they help their preschool cubby neighbor by picking up their jacket. 

The United Nations has also declared March 20th the International Day of Happiness. It is a day to celebrate being happy and making others happy. 

Good Deeds Day

Celebrated on a Sunday in March, this day is all about doing good deeds for others. A great way to give your little learners some weekend challenges. Work together to go over different good deeds they can do for their parents, siblings, or neighbors. 


April isn’t just for April Fool’s Day! It is full of kindness holidays you can celebrate with your students and families. 

Keep America Beautiful Month

April is always Keep America Beautiful Month due to Earth Day and Arbor falling within the month. It is a great time to find ways to keep America beautiful, and there is even a Great American Cleanup Day that changes from year to year. Take your students to a park to pick up trash, or start a preschool bottle drive to recycle and fundraise money towards a fun field trip or activity. 

National Volunteer Week

This week runs for 7 days during the month of April. Organizations normally plan special events to honor their volunteers. This is a great opportunity to honor the family members or community members who volunteer in your classroom. Hold a special breakfast, make cards, or a cute video. There are many ways your students can show their appreciation. 

Earth Day

Celebrated on April 22nd, this special kindness holiday is a day full of events that help make our earth a better place. Discuss with your students how they can help make Earth better by turning off lights, running water, or walking or biking to places instead of driving in cars. You can even sprinkle in some kindness lessons since being kind helps the Earth too! 

Pay It Forward Day

Everyone is encouraged to pay it forward on the last Thursday of April and show kindness to others. The goal of the day is to perform 3 acts of kindness throughout the day and ask others to “pay it forward.” Giving out cards, helping clean up the school, etc., is a great way to celebrate. Don’t forget to leave a little note about paying the good deed forward. 


This month students are encouraged to help animals and others who may need help when it comes to feeding themselves and their families. 

Be Kind to Animals Week

On the first week of the month, animal shelters, volunteers, and community members come together to hold special events to help promote public awareness of animal cruelty and shelters. Many hold adoption events, special classes, and other events to help educate the public. You probably have a lot of animal lovers in your class. Figure out ways to help animals in your community, whether you donate blankets, food, and toys to a shelter or make birdhouses or feeders to put outside your classroom window. 

More Kindness Holidays …


A warm month where everyone is enjoying the nice weather and the perfect month to show kindness to a friend. 

Struggling to teach friendship skills? Check out this complete resource for teaching friendship skills.

International Friendship Day

This special day is celebrated on August 4th each year, or you could celebrate this day during National Friendship Week, which runs from the first Sunday in August through to Saturday. If you are in school during August, this is a great opportunity to discuss friendship with your class. I absolutely love celebrating this special day with my students, and I have 7 fun preschool activities you can do with your class here


The month of thankfulness, this month is all about showing thanks to each other and for the things we have! 

World Kindness Day

Celebrated on the 13th of November every year, everyone is encouraged to perform acts of kindness throughout the day and week. Bring in some fun kindness read alouds and kindness activities to enjoy this day even more with your students! 

Weave Kindness Holidays into your Year

Creating a culture of kindness has always been a priority for me as a preschool teacher. The challenge has always been trying to integrate it without adding too much extra work to my already busy schedule. 

However, focusing on these kindness holidays allows me to weave kindness into the entire year in a fun and engaging way! 

Looking for more ways to add kindness activities into your preschool classroom? Check out these heartfelt resources below: 

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