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Hi! Welcome to Spark Interest with Sara!

I am a preschool teacher, a curriculum designer, a course creator and a mum to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes! 

Creating and sharing inspiring educational resources and courses for teachers and parents is my passion! I wake up every day excited to be able to be part of nurturing young minds and hearts! 



What's Your Gift - Featured Image

Why Figuring Out Your Gift Matters and How Expressing it Will Change the World.

It’s funny how I never valued myself enough as an educator. I only saw what I lacked. What I perceived I wasn’t good at. Time and time again I highlighted it to myself. Looking at other’s gifts and wondering why I didn’t have those qualities. I failed my gifts. I failed them because I ignored…

5 Lessons Learnt from a Hard Core Perfectionist - Featured Image (1)

5 Life-Changing Lessons Learnt from a Hard Core Perfectionist

I used to wear perfectionism as a badge of honor. I was proud of it. I thought perfectionism worked for me. As an educator, a wife, and a woman, it helped drive me to accomplish things to a high standard. At Work I held a lot of pride in that amazing display board. That meticulously…

Avoiding Burnout - Featured Image (1)

8 Simple Things You Can Do Today to Avoid Burnout As a Teacher

Being a teacher, we are naturally good at taking care of others. We are constantly considering the needs of our students, their families, and our school; but how much thought and consideration do we give self-care? If you are feeling like you need to invest some time in looking after yourself, check out my FREE…