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Hi! Welcome to Spark Interest with Sara!

I am a preschool teacher, a curriculum designer, a course creator and a mum to a gorgeous boy who keeps me on my toes! 

Creating and sharing inspiring educational resources and courses for teachers and parents is my passion! I wake up every day excited to be able to be part of nurturing young minds and hearts! 



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The Benefits of Using Would You Rather Questions for Kids in Your Classroom

I don’t know about you; but, who knew all those college nights answering would you rather questions in my dorm room with my friends and laughing endlessly at the answers would become a staple in my preschool classroom! When I became a preschool teacher, I never would have thought I would transfer those fun all-nighters…

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12 of the Best Picture Books You Need for Thanksgiving

Can you smell that pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and nutmeg? Thanksgiving is in the air! It’s time to fill your classroom shelves with the best picture books for Thanksgiving! Let’s bring the spirit of gratitude into our day with these great Thanksgiving books! 12 of the Best Picture Books You Need for Thanksgivng: Feeling Thankful by…

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4 Thanksgiving Theme Preschool Activities to Promote Gratitude in the Classroom

Fall is upon us, and that means Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! I have rounded up some Thanksgiving theme preschool activities that will engage your students and increase a sense of gratitude in the classroom. These Thanksgiving activities for the classroom will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving activities for the…

Photo of a blog post discusses ways to teach preschoolers conflict resolution skills.

5 Effective Preschool Conflict Resolution Activities That Absolutely Work

Are you looking for preschool conflict resolution activities that you can implement today? Do you find your preschoolers having trouble resolving conflict, arguing all the time, and constantly coming up to you upset?  Our young learners are learning so many life lessons in their preschool rooms, and conflict resolution can be a difficult skill to…

Blog cover for 3 main areas to focus on when teaching friendship skills to preschoolers

3 Main Areas to Focus on When Teaching Friendship Skills to Preschoolers

Young children want to connect. They want to be friends. But their individual abilities to connect with others and build relationships can vary. We end up spending a big part of our day putting out fires, solving conflicts, and negotiating who’s turn it is! As an educator, you want to be there to support them…

Blog post cover image about how to build relationships with students in preschool from day 1

How to Build Relationships with Students in Preschool from Day One?

As an educator, do you wonder how to build relationships with students from day one? Do you ever wonder, why build relationships with students? Or more importantly, do you struggle with how to connect with students in the classroom?  If that sounds like you, I’m here to help. I’m going to share with you some…


5 Ways to Easily Fit Preschool Activities about Friendship into Your Day

Are you often stuck thinking about how you are going to fit preschool activities about friendship into your busy day? This blog post is going to cover what we need to expect from our preschoolers when it comes to friendships. Why are friendships important in preschool? I want to give you the tools to easily…

Feeling-Fear-and-Doing-It-Anyway - Featured Image (2)

Feeling Fear But Doing it Anyway! 4 Simple Steps to Overcoming Fear

I used to have a fear of the ocean. I used to call it a healthy respect for the ocean to mask my true feelings but in reality, it was FEAR! Considering I have been surrounded by the ocean my whole life, you would never imagine I had this fear! For me, it was the…

What's Your Gift - Featured Image

Why Figuring Out Your Gift Matters and How Expressing it Will Change the World.

It’s funny how I never valued myself enough as an educator. I only saw what I lacked. What I perceived I wasn’t good at. Time and time again I highlighted it to myself. Looking at other’s gifts and wondering why I didn’t have those qualities. I failed my gifts. I failed them because I ignored…

5 Lessons Learnt from a Hard Core Perfectionist - Featured Image (1)

5 Life-Changing Lessons Learnt from a Hard Core Perfectionist

I used to wear perfectionism as a badge of honor. I was proud of it. I thought perfectionism worked for me. As an educator, a wife, and a woman, it helped drive me to accomplish things to a high standard. At Work I held a lot of pride in that amazing display board. That meticulously…