100+ Super Fun Would You Rather Questions For Preschoolers

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Would you rather questions aren’t just fun dinner conversation starters for us grown-ups, they can also add some fun and often unexpected conversations in your preschool classroom! There are so many different types of Would You Rather Questions, from seasonal to starting school questions that can have the potential to add so much to your…

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50 Beautiful Social Emotional Development in Early Childhood Books

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Social-emotional development is EVERYTHING during the preschool years! Don’t even get me started on the importance of making social emotional learning at the heart of any preschool program! We only have our littlest learners for such a short time, and they need us to guide them in developing many social emotional development skills that will…

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How to Effectively Support Social Emotional Development in Preschool

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In preschool, developing and teaching social-emotional skills is EVERYTHING ! Many of our young learners are stepping away from their families for the first time, and it can be challenging to figure out how to act in different classroom settings, especially since most (if not all) our students have grown up in this Covid pandemic.…

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12 Cool Kindness Books For Preschool and Other Kindness Activities for Kids

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Phrases like “Kindness is cool”, “ Random acts of kindness” and “Kindness counts” have all become popular phrases in our preschool classrooms. Studies on kindness show that there are many physical, emotional and mental health benefits when it comes to kindness. That is why, creating a culture of kindness in my classroom is a goal…

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9 Fun World Kindness Day Activities for Your Preschool Classroom


I’m always looking for ways to build a culture of kindness in my preschool classroom. This year, I found World Kindness Day. Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t! Well, if you are like me and have been oblivious to this day, let me give you some basic facts about World Kindness…

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