10 of the Best Back to School Books for Preschoolers

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Back to school season is such a super exciting and fun time for children of all ages. It may be their 10th time heading back to school, or it may be their 1st. Either way, you can use many great books in the classroom to invite reflection and conversation around the feelings that may arise…

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9 Important Class Mottos for the Start of the Preschool Year

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Have you ever used class mottos with your preschoolers? Even though it is mid-year here in Australia, I’ve been wrecking my brain thinking about ways to develop a greater sense of community in my preschool classroom and decided to make some class mottos for my classroom.  What if at the beginning of the school year…

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3 Reasons Why Preschoolers Love Would You Rather Questions

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Would You Rather Questions For Kids You probably have played this game once or twice. You may have been on the bus ride to a 5th-grade field trip, college, or even as an adult sitting around a winter fire with friends. You might know the game by the name This or That too. It is…

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7 Absolutely Perfect Preschool Activities for International Friendship Day

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I love International Friendship Day! It is about friendship, caring, kindness, empathy, and so much more! This special day is coming up quickly and is a great way to celebrate friendships in your preschool classroom! Here are some great ideas to get your students engaged in activities for International Friendship Day. Before I jump right…

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The 4 Easiest Preschool Listening Activities You Can Use Today!

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What do we mean when we ask our preschoolers to “listen”? There are probably a million different ways we can look at this. Can you hear my voice? Can you look at me? Can you hear my words? Can you block out what’s happening around you? Can you understand the meaning of the words I’m…

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